Rental increases for residents?

Our first issue here on viridiangripes is a matter that’s come to our attention – many users are receiving large rental increases in their most recent lease renewal (we’ve confirmed from 8% to 12%). We all understand that since the apartments are not rent stabilized, 110 Green Street LLC can do what they wish. However since many promised amenities have still not been delivered, is this fair?

UPDATE: we should also point out that the rental increases mentioned here are ABOVE what empty apartments are being advertised for. Why should current residents be charged more than new residents just for the convenience of remaining in their homes?

Let us know if you agree by adding your gripes to the discussion in the comments here.



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44 responses to “Rental increases for residents?

  1. New gripe – 10% increase in rent on renewing lease.

  2. Viridiangriper

    I have been doing some research regarding paying for amenities that have not been received. What amenities are you referring too? Hopefully I can help…

  3. Anonymous

    I signed my lease back in Dec 2010 and found out that the original Landlord slashed prices right after the new year to lure more tenants in a mostly vacant building. There’s 1 tenant with a 2 year lease on the B side paying $2,850 for a 2 bed/2 bad with balcony apt!

    The original Landlord was in financial trouble (took me months to get money back) and had to sell the building to the new landlord, Joe, who’s trying to money back on his investment. Keep in mind that this was originally a Condo (backed by Magic Johnson) that became a rental after the 2008 Credit Crisis so they used off-brand refrigerators and washer-dryers in the units.

    Like anyone else, I don’t like high rents but any landlord will try get as much as the market will bear. Wouldn’t you if you were a Landlord? Remember, that there is an indoor swimming pool, game room, gym and children’s room…these are not cheap. Also, there’s a lot of wide open spaces in the common areas like the lobby…if this was in Manhattan, I guarantee that the rents would be 30-40% higher so keep things in perspective.

    I agree that that Management does not do a good job in resolving problems like the Pot smokers around the building, clueless dog owners who leave their dog poop on the sidewalk outside the building (there was dog urine around the C-side doorway), who do little about their barking dogs when left alone in the apt or their dog(s) with aggressive behavior.

    The Desk staff is inexperienced and terrible. How can you allow outside contractors into the building without having a building staff member accompany them? I’m referring to the robbers who posed as Con Ed workers. The former night Concierge, Tomasz, was on Facebook most of his shift. The weekend overnight guy watches Mixed Martial Arts videos on the computer….once saw him asleep with his head down on the desk one Saturday night around 4am.

    There’s not enough Maintenance staff to keep the building clean. No one works on Saturdays so the place is dirty. Take a look at the outside sidewalk. It should be hosed down daily.

    Bottom line: the new Landlord is cheap; Lobby door’s lock were broken for about 2 months so when the Concierge had to leave the desk to help tenants, the building was vulnerable esp. when Tomacz left the doors ajar. It doesn’t help that some tenants push the door leaving it ajar when entering/exiting the building even with no Concierge present.

    -fini (sorry for the rambling and any typos)

    • Since this thread is mainly about the rent issue, let’s talk about that. The issue here is that the building is not in Manhattan. Most tenants have moved in paying rents consistent with living in a luxury apartment building in Greenpoint. An 8-12% increase in rent on lease renewal is not acceptable – especially since:

      1) This is obviously a result of mismanagement and the drastic rent slashing you describe

      2) Promised building-wide amenities have not been consistently delivered (there was talk about wi-fi in common areas last year), and

      3) Many residents do not have the appliances they were promised within their apartments (washer/dryer).

      Your other points are very valid. They’ll definitely be brought up in future posts.

      • Anonymous

        “1) This is obviously a result of mismanagement and the drastic rent slashing you describe”

        False, it has nothing to do with mismanagement but a sign of the times. The building was empty and the original Landlord was desperate to get tenants in and offered 3 1/2 months free rent. Prices were slashed January 2010 so the new Landlord is bringing apt’s back up at market rates. A lot of tenants moved out after their lease was up because they really couldn’t afford to live at The Viridian without those original concessions. Yes, you can get a 2 bedroom in Greenpoint for around $2K but do you really want to live in a 500 square foot rail car walk up apt? Not me.

        Also, whenever a building is sold and a mortgage is taken out, the Landlord almost always has to raise the rent because he has to show his Lender that his loan was justified. Just because he bought the building in Bankruptcy Court does not necessarily mean that he bought it at steep discount.

        Ask any good Real Estate Broker who has 10+ years in the Industry who has done Commercial deals and when I mean good, I don’t mean someone who rents apt’s as a side gig.

      • Anonomys

        I appreciate people’s feed back on why the rent is going up- but no one is looking for an explanation. The question is rent is going up but without the promised amenities. What can tenants do…

    • Tenant

      I agree almost with everything except the Concierge issue.
      So in Your opinion Concierge can’t do nothing else except staring at the wall or door with broken lock?? So for example try to put Yourself in their situation and do nothin’ for 8 hours.
      I agree with You that sleeping at work is unacceptable but Your comment about that they can’t use the Internet at work is pointless.
      I’m sure that they already report that broken door’s lock to supervisor but is all what they can do about it.
      I also disagree about that they are leaving the door open in purpose especially during the night when they are on their own coz it’s about their safety also. As You write “It doesn’t help that some tenants push the door leaving it ajar when entering/exiting the building even with no Concierge present” (when they are helping other tenants or doing other things belonging to their responsibilities).

      In summary, each of Us can do something to improve security in our “home”.

      • Anonymous

        1) Well, I think the Concierge’s computer screen should have a view of the C -side (there’s a camera there) since that door can be popped open or jimmied with a card (I’ve seen the Pool Life Guard so it one morning) and I’ve told Simon about it. If you rather them update their Facebook page or be texting on their Smartphone while a burglar breaks into the building and robs or assaults someone…maybe you will then think differently.

        2) Several times, I’ve seen different Concierge’s prop the door wide open (regardless if the electronic door lock worked or not) in the early evenings (around 6pm) while they went upstairs to help a tenant. Ergo, anyone can walk right in.

        3) Back in October 2010, 10:15 pm on a Saturday night, the Concierge left the building (his 10 pm replacement was late), doors were closed/locked and I saw a petite black girl from side A (I think the girl with the Hungarian Viszla dog) try to pop the door open several times. A few minutes a heavy set black guy from Side B came out of the building, opened the door for her, they smiled and chatted, he propped the inner lobby door open and left the building. WTF?! How clueless can they both be? Those glass doors can and have broken due to tenants trying to get. And then to leave the door wide open so anyone can walk in…crime is about opportunity.

        A lot of people in this building don’t care and don’t report things. Once, I drove into the garage behind an A-side tenant (the guy with the large brown Doberman Pincher). The garage door didn’t work so he pushed it up to open it. I closed the door after entering and was a couple of minutes behind him as he went to his side of the building. I asked the Concierge if another tenant told him about the broken garage door. Guess what?! No, he didn’t say anything! Does that sound like someone who cares?

  4. Anonymous

    Place sorely needs an experienced live-in Super! Simon doesn’t really do anything and is here only 40% of the time. What building this size can function properly like that?

  5. Agent B

    When I first moved in in Dec 2009 I signed an 18 month lease for $3,350 per month and was given two months free. In my renewal agreement due next week they are asking for $3,750 (for a 2 bedroom with no balcony) and yet there are ads on craigslist for 2 bedroom for $3,400. I understand that is it within the landlords rights to raise the rent but it seems that current residents with a history of paying rent on time should be offered better rates than people moving into the building.

    • Anonymous

      You have to make an apples to apples comparison to see where that 2 bedroom is located. Some lines are smaller and if on a lower floor like the 1st floor on A side with low light (I’ve seen that one advertised for $3K/month.) My 2 bedroom is 970 square feet with no balcony and it has a bigger main bedroom than the ones with a balcony.

      The Landlord will try to get more money from a current resident because he/she knows that moving has inherent costs…movers, broker’s fee…etc..moving causes havoc if you have quality stuff and not cheap Ikea-crap. True, the Landlord runs the risk of having a vacant apt for weeks to months. The 1 bedrooms go quick but the 2 beds take months to rent out.

      Plus, the rental market is different now than 2 years ago; vacancy rates have gone down so landlords are charging more and not making any concessions.

  6. anonymous

    What about the RODENT issue’s, can we talk about that???

    • Anonymous

      Maybe we would have less of a rodent issue if people would actually throw their garbage where it says “RUBBISH” On my floor it is gross and I don’t understand how people can be so ignorant. You can’t miss the handle on the wall. If you are color blind there is even a great sign. It is simple people…. keep it clean!!

  7. Anonymous

    Rents are subject to market forces; supply and demand, pure and simple. The landlord is not your friend; he’s a businessman looking to make a profit.

    The only time you see rents stay the same for lengthy periods is in a small building where the landlord lives like a brownstone and they rent out one their apts. They can do that because they probably bought the building years ago at a cheaper price and likely paid off the mortgage so can maintain rents if the tenant is good renter (pays on time, doesn’t cause problems…etc.) to keep them vs. taking the chance on someone who can be a problem tenant.

    You won’t see rents go down in luxury buildings built within the last few years as prices were astronomical unless there’s another financial meltdown. This building was built with help from Section 421-A (building in economic distressed areas) so taxes are low the first few years and then go up exponentially. Ergo, the landlord will want to charge more because his costs increase.

  8. Viridiangriper

    Building Amenities- It seems like that we have a moved in at various times so our lease could be different. I moved in March of last year and our lease did include a rider that stated we could not deduct rent for any common amenities that we do not receive or for any changes made to the amenities because there is on going construction. But double check your lease, if your lease does mention amenities we have not received and does not have the rider than you CAN deduct the value of those amenities from your rent. I just don’t know what rent value they have.

  9. Viridiangriper

    Rodents- What floor are you on? If this is a serious problem then we need to contact the NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development (HPD) for inspection. The building is in violation of our warranty of habitability.

  10. anonymous

    There are rodents on the 6th floor BSide..I have several rodent repellent devices plugged in my apartment and I also seen a few in the hallway. I mentioned this to both Simon and Victor and was told an exterminator will be present within a week…#LIES

    Victor is only the messenger so he’s not at fault of course.

  11. Anonymous

    One more zinger: if a drug sniffing dog were allowed on the 5th and 6th floors…….

    • Anonymous

      I can only wish they would allow a drug sniffing dog on the 5th. My child went to school and told her teacher about the horrible stuff her neighbors smoke. I pay all of this money and have more than enough room to entertain but it is embarassing to have people over and have them smell that.

  12. Anonymous

    One good thing is that hopefully higher rents will keep out Riff Raff. There was/is an adult tenant who during the summer had 4-5 neighborhood teens come in and use the game room and pool. He didn’t even accompany them. They just walk in and out as they please and said they were with A507 (I think that guy is gone.)

    Simple fix and common sense would be to implement a rule that all guests musts be accompanied by tenants to use any Recreational room. But of course, Simon doesn’t listen or care and did nothing.

    • Anonymous

      It is nice that you took the time to put my apartment number out here and just to set everything straight. These were neighborhood kids that learned the lack of anything around here. The doors were open 24/7 and they had free will. They simply told the doorman that they lived here. It has been resolved but what kid in this neighborhood is going to notice the advantage and not jump on it?? Higher rents will not stop this and will not make this building cleaner, more secure and a better place to live.

  13. Anonymous

    Dear Viridian Residents,

    While this is a great way of sharing stories and infiormation its should also be backed by action. While its common knowledge that Simon is a useless, lying, and overall Piece of S***, we the tennants, can also help eachother to improve the conditions in the buiding. Why not work out a code of conduct and try to impose to actual rules around here? I.e. music down after certian hours, clean up after yourself in common areas, there are MANY offenders in the gym especially, pick up after your dog, make sure the doors are locked after you, dont let people in if you dont know them, recycle your shit in the correct bin, and so forth. Complaing is all fine and well, but done anomiously without a united front its pretty pointless.

    • Anonymous

      Amen! Also, the gym’s leg press has been broken for the past 2 months and it’s only partially works now.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I’ve seen an A-side woman with a baby stroller let her brown Boston Terrier pee on the column right outside the building entrance….are you kidding me?

      The worst is when one summer morning I saw the A-side Asian guy with the aggressive English Bulldog pee on a Mercedes Benz!! He knew it was wrong but looked inside the lobby at me, the pool lifeguard and the Concierge while we watched in disbelief! He does pick up his dog’s poop but then tosses it around one of the trees!!! WTF?! He’s not the only one as I’ve seen numerous bags of poop or just poop by the trees.

      Negligent Dog owners in this building should realize that owning a dog is a privilege and not a right. Do they realize how hard it is to find a dog friendly building? Make sure your dog is a good citizen (lots of aggressive and barking dogs here). I understand it’s not easy but try!

    • Anonymous

      This is a really great idea. There are residents who feel that complaints against management ARE necessary, but the lack of common courtesy is an increasing problem. Do you have any suggestion on how to effectively collaborate and write out a code of conduct that suits everyone? It could then be printed out and pasted in common areas.

      • Agent B

        If a code of conduct were to be created and posted do you think that people would actually adhere to it? Especially since I don’t think there is a way of enforcing it. Even after the signs went up in the atrium about not allowing dogs to pee on the plants I saw someone letting their dog pee in there. Such disregard of public space made me furious, I am a dog owner too but I would never do such a thing!

  14. Anonymous

    People are clueless so I don’t think a sign would help. When I moved in back in February 2010, Management put a sign asking people not to allow their dogs to urinate on the plants because many dog owners were doing so. Some dog owners (B504) bring their dogs to the roof to eliminate. You can see the dog poop left up there. So, disgusting and disrespectful.

    Some with aggressive dogs (B208, B605) allow them (English Bulldogs and White Boxer and Wheaten Terrier) to rush in and out of the elevator ahead of them causing possible scuffles with dogs on the other side of the elevator door. Aggressive dogs should be kept on a short leash by their owner’s side. If they don’t know basic dog etiquette, they should get a professional dog trainer to work with them (or not allowed to have a dog) since obviously their methods of “scolding” have proven useless.

    it’s a dog owner’s responsibility to keep their dog out of trouble. If it was a child, would you allow them to continue behaving badly? Even if your dog is small but growling, is lunging or just staring at another dog (means “fuck you” in the dog world), that could provoke a fight.

    • Anonymous

      You should describe the offending dog and its owner that allowed his/her dog to their dog to relieve themselves in the garden. Hopefully, public shaming will eliminate further episodes.

      The girl in A204 with the brown Portuguese Water Dog is another clueless dog owner who doesn’t keep her dog in check.

      • Anonymous

        Well, that girl in A204 was arrested this past Monday afternoon around 2:45 pm for assaulting her boyfriend. I saw her led out of the building in handcuffs.

  15. Anonymous

    For those complaining about rental increases, just read today’s Wall Street Journal article about rising rents in Willamsburg:

    Highlights from it: “While an increasing number of Williamsburg condo developers have decided to convert their buildings to rentals due to rapidly rising rents, it is rare to convert a building that was already more than half sold.”

    As rents in Brooklyn continue to rise, a number of condos, including 75 Clinton St. in Brooklyn Heights and 100 Luquer St. in Carroll Gardens, are likely to become rentals.

    “The trend is unusual because in a typical market condos are much more lucrative for developers. But experts say that rising rents—which have surpassed $3,000 on average for a one-bedroom in Williamsburg, according to MNS, a real-estate firm—have created a new dynamic.”

    If you like living her despite its flaws and your lease renewal is coming up, I’d try to lock in the price for 2-3 years as I foresee the prices going up further during that period.

  16. Anonymous

    Another article in today’s WSJ about rental increases:

    “Now we are near historical rent highs and vacancy lows—that usually means it’s time to build,” said Brian Whitmer of brokerage firm Cushman & Wakefield. “All the towns along the waterfront have construction going on.”

  17. Anonymous

    Article about a co-op owner concerned of recent maintenance fees going up. A lawyer’s response should provide insight on why rents go up every year or so.

    “The big jump you’re facing may not be as out of whack as it seems, say our experts. Huge hikes in property taxes alone have pushed maintenance fees skyward for most buildings over the past decade. Your building seems to have gotten off lightly–until now anyway.”

  18. Anonymous

    Has anyone noticed that they are converting 2 bedrooms into 3 by putting up a wall? That way, 3 people can split the $3,600 rent and now the place is sometimes like a post college party with some drunken idiots playing their stereo loud or talking loud in the hallways.

  19. Anonymous


    NYPD was in the lobby this evening around 5:30 PM. Evidently, a new tenant did not pay last month’s rent and Management changed their apt’s lock which is illegal. It seems the tenant called NYPD who came to talk with Simon who had left for the day. The Concierge was calling Simon on the phone to have him speak to the Officers.

    How fucked up is this?

  20. Anonymous

    WATCH OUT!! There’s toxic mold on the bottom part of the wall leading out the of the Atrium leading to the C side of the building!!!

    Mold is like cancer and spreads quickly. Let’s see how long management takes to remedy this problem. They have yet to address the leak from the ceiling that likely caused the mold.

  21. Ochlear

    I would just like to wish an hello to all the self-absorbed fat-asses in the Viridian; you know, the ones that can’t go to the corner without calling Java Car Service. It might surprise them to know, Java’s staging area is on West Street, 4 blocks and twenty seconds away, but that would still not prevent them from keeping the driver waiting for ten minutes, while he honks his horn repeatedly, disturbing everyone on the block.
    Fortunately, there’s only about a hundred people convinced they are of royal blood in that smarmy fishbowl, so the situation only repeats itself every fifteen minutes, and the hours of 3 AM to 5 AM are still relatively quiet. Thanks!

  22. Anonymous

    For potential and existing tenants:

    I made this listing 5 stars because Yelp would block it if it were one star. But rest assured this place is a 1 star. In fact if I could make it zero stars I would but I cant. Rather than write paragraph upon paragraph of negative reviews, I’ll provide you with a bullet point rundown of why the Viridian (AKA 110 Green Street Apartments) suck.

    1. The washer/dryer doesn’t work in any apartment. Hello laundromat.
    2. The sub-metered the utilites so you pay $400.00 a month for electricity.
    3. They don’t fix anything. I’m serious. They really don’t fix anything. Ever.
    4. They won’t give you back your deposit unless you sue them or go to the DA.
    5. The pool is open 3 hours a day max. It’s locked shut.
    6. Both treadmills in the workout room are broken.
    7. Cigarette and Pot smoke in your apartment. Every unit is connected to same ducts.
    8. Bad doormen. They hire temps who can’t do anything besides grab a package.
    9. No number to call in an emergency. Dishwasher overflows? Deal with it.
    10. They rent to drug dealing pimps that play loud music all night.
    11. Rent a garage space and they won’t give you a door opener for a month.
    12. A home invasion happened a while back. Probably drug related.
    13. The rents are sky high. The service is horrible.
    14. Air Fresheners placed around building spray noxious chemicals ever 10 mins.
    15. Landlord is flat broke, and never makes any improvements.
    16. 90% of the people who move in, leave after a year. Hence the open apartments.
    17. Kids room is filthy and they never clean it.
    18. Lights in the indoor garden are turned off at night.
    19. Common areas of building don’t have AC to save landlord money.
    20. They’ll promise to clean your place before you move in, but won’t.

  23. Anonymous

    For past and present tenants who are experiencing or have experienced problems with the building, Management Office…etc, contact the Landlord, Jeffrey Kaplan/Meadow Partners, LLC. If enough people contact him and complain, maybe their will be changes. They hired a PR firm but the problems persist. Mr. Kaplan might not want bad publicity about his building’s problems, Management ineptness, electricity gouging, uncollectible security deposits…etc as it may deter prospective tenants.
    55 E 59th Street # 1700
    New York, NY 10022
    Phone: (212) 317-5944

    If that doesn’t get you anywhere, contact one of the local news programs who have consumer advocacy reporters who will act on your behalf.

    CBS/Channel 2 News – Asa Aarons
    NBC/Channel 4 News – Roseanne Colletti
    Fox 5/Channel 5 News – Arnold Diaz
    ABC/Channel 7 News – Nina Pineda
    PIX 11/Channel 11 News – Howard Thompson

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