Washer/Dryer Issue

This is a gripe that’s common among residents. See below:

When we were shown the apartment initially, it had the combo washer/dryer installed in the laundry closet. When we received our keys and moved-in, the machine had been removed without explanation. It took 2 months of constant complaining to Simon and Michelle to finally give us a machine from another apartment that was moving out. Once we received our machine, we learned how absolutely terrible it was at washing and drying. After about 4 months the dryer cycle completely stopped working and we were forced to line dry or send out our laundry for cleaning. We found brand new separate washer and dryers in the basement. After harassing Simon and Michelle for 2 months they finally gave us one. Both Simon and Michelle told us to give them our laundry receipts for reimbursement. When we gave them the receipts they refused to pay for 2/3 of the charges. We are still fighting them on this.

Have you received a washer and dryer? Let us know in the comments.



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23 responses to “Washer/Dryer Issue

  1. Anonymous

    Management’s rationale: Simon is only giving the new LG Washer/Dryer combos to families with babies as they tend to wash clothes more often.

    • We’ve heard that from some tenants, but we also have confirmation with the above submission that with sufficient badgering, (what we assume to be) childless families have received brand new separate LG washers and dryers. The original submission makes no mention of children.

      Either way, we should collectively decide whether this ‘rationale’ is acceptable.

    • Anonymous

      That is BS… I live in a three bedroom and I am one of those families that tend to wash clothes more often. LG or not there is no way in hell that a washer dryer combo with no vent is going to work.

  2. Agent B

    It seems wrong for the building to favor people with children. We are all paying rent and deserve equal treatment.

    • Anonymous

      I agree and I have children. It is a matter of space. Whether you fill that space with kids or adults we can only hope everyone washes clothes (granted, I have seen some neighbors and question that). When I looked at the apartment – it was simple. I opened the laundry closet – opened the washer and dryer and thought…. that might be good for a couple of towels. It was no surprise so why complain about it…. Consider what it would cost to do your laundry or have it done and negoiate the rent. People cut costs to live here – obviously by the parking spaces that people have turned into storage units….

  3. Anonymous

    There’s been talk about putting a laundry room in the garage. The Landlord doesn’t want to buy 130 new ventless washer/dryers (claims they cost $2K each which I find to be untrue) totaling $260K. If that is true, what kind of luxury building has tenants going into a garage to do their laundry?

    It was a joke when new Management was putting small marketing flyers about tenant referrals and calling The Viridian, “Brooklyn’s #1 Luxury Building” and then changing it to “The Most Luxurious Building ever built in Greenpint”….what a joke. see it here: http://www.facebook.com/theviridian

    Michelle Szenitas is clueless and can be rude. I once did a Yahoo search on her and found a review where she worked at another Management company in Greenwich Village (couldn’t find it now) and was rude, yelled at the tenant and hung up the phone. Very unprofessional. You don’t see that at true luxury run companies like Archstone. There, any problems are guaranteed to be resolved within 24 hours.

    • Anonymous

      Retail on the washer/ dryer combo is approx 1k – with a bulk purchase I”m sure it is much less. It would be nice to have a laundry room in the building.

      When this building opened… what were the other luxury buildings in the area?? A couple of buildings have gone up but not with the amens that this building has.

      I think Michelle is tough but she is fair. Look at what and who she deals with. In this case, I think she does the best with what she has access to. This is not Archstone, RockRose or any other luxury management company.

      • Anonymous

        The point is that if you move into an apartment and you pay for an appliance that is in your lease and you don’t have it, it is against the law. This is a luxury building with a terrible management company. There is no excuse. Has anyone been reimbursed for Laundry?

  4. Viridiangriper

    If you have it in writing that you should have a washer and dryer in your unit than you NEED a washer and dryer in your unit. If it is not provided to you-you are basically paying for appliance that you have not received. By NYC tenant law you do have the right to deduct the rental value of your washer and dryer. I am just not sure how you determine the rent value of your washer and dryer. You may want to contact the NYC department of Housing. The building cannot change to shared washer and dryer without having you sign a new lease or rider.

    As we all know- it is impossible to communicate with Michelle. The best solution may be for all of us that are missing washer n dryers or have broken ones to email Michelle ( from my experience, you need to have all communications with her in writing. ) We need to all email her on the same day and bombard her email. It is easy for her to avoid one or two tenants emails and phones calls. But she can’t avoid all of us! We should also write a printed letter – so we have everything in writing.

  5. Anonymous

    Michelle, Ari and Simon are the 3 who run the building and turn a blind eye to many things. The best thing is to call the Management Office and try to speak to the Landlord, Joe directly. Once, he picked up and I spoke with him but another time Michelle intercepted the call.
    Tel: 718-302-2171

    • Anonomys

      What did you contact them for? How did they resolve the problem?

      • Anonymous

        I’ve told Simon many times that people leave the side exit door by the pool either ajar or unlocked but he did nothing. After 3 months of this, I finally called to speak with Joe but Michelle took the call and she called Simon right away.

        I think she might have yelled at him because Simon saw me a couple of hours later and had an annoyed look on his face but they did fix the door that afternoon.

        That’s an important issue as it deals with building security. The door used to stick open and I’ve seen tenants walk out without checking to see if the door closes shut. There was even a sign to shut door properly but tenants that didn’t help. That’s one of the biggest problems with rental buildings….renters who don’t care. Co-op/condo owners care about the security, cleanliness and general well-being of their own building. I’ve lived in all 3.

        I’m sorry but I’ve had different issues and Simon rarely takes care of it right away…

  6. Anonymous

    Re: Simon

    I want to mention that one of the past Concierges, Gary Polo, often told me that Simon doesn’t do shit and that I would miss him (Gary) when he left because he constantly had to bug Simon to get things done that tenants
    kept complaining about and that were not addressed.

    Another interesting thing is that Gary told me he only received Xmas tips from only 10 people in the whole building (that’s 130 units!) How cheap can people be? Gary was one of the better Concierges who ran to open the front lobby doors when he saw a parent with a baby or stroller come in/out of the building.

    He, along with Tod and Fernando were the only ones whom I’ve seen stop non-residents from walking through the lobby unannounced. They knew who was who. I can’t say that with some of the other past or any of the present Concierges. This building is very porous and the current untrained/inexperienced staff does not do a very good job of securing the building. The weekend guys says hello to everybody and lets them in not knowing if they are actually residents.

    • Agent B

      On the subject of Concierges the gentleman (I don’t know his name) who was working Sunday night was fully asleep at the desk when my roommate came home at 2:30am. He banged on the door, yelled and finally had to call me to come let him in because he forgot his key card.

  7. Anonymous

    Tell Michelle. Patti is supposedly responsible for the Front Desk but she doesn’t do shit. I’ve told her many times that the former evening Concierge, Tomasz, is always on Facebook but did nothing as she was friends with him.

    She’s has no training in that role and is ineffective. She was on duty when the robbers posing as Con Ed workers were let into the building and robbed B303 at gunpoint.

  8. Anonymous

    Has anyone else received reimbursement for laundry services for not having a washer and dryer.

  9. Anonymous

    Does anyone know the phone number for the front desk?

  10. Anonymous

    We, too, are dealing with the washer/dryer nonsense. It’s been three weeks and I have not even had the courtesy of a phone call acknowledging the issue, AND we have a two year. Ari called me three times and emailed me twice, all on the same day, about renewing our lease. He’s not responded at ALL to repeated calls and emails about the washer/dryer. This is not what I am paying this much rent for–is there any plan–can we create one–to drive this issue forward, as SO many of us are having the same problems? I see them showing prospective tenants the pool and I am very close to just stopping potential renters and asking about my washer/dryer. Which, by the, way, was next to useless when it was working.

  11. a-sider

    Living here year two and haven’t received reimbursement for my laundry when they did not put in my washer/dryer initially on move-in. I think we as a group should agree what the value of that luxury is per month and deduct it from our rent and put it into escrow and tell them fix it or face a law suit for misrepresentation and false advertising.

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  13. Anonymous

    Well, it looks as if there’s no laundry room coming any time soon. They broke ground in early August and noting new has been done. They probably did that just to quell any dissent……bunch of liars….

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