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New (belated post) on new (belated) stuff: floor waxing, rodent extermination and more…

Floor Waxing

Those who are out and about in the evenings will notice that Victor, the Viridian’s full-time (but not live-in) super, has been in the building until late waxing the lobby’s floors. Slightly inconvenient for some on the East side of the A block who had to travel to the other elevators, but everything looks so pretty and shiny, don’t you agree?

As a result of all the movement, some of the unused furniture in the indoor garden has made its way to the lobby. While they are a stylistic contrast, they do serve a purpose for people waiting for cabs and things.

Poop Bin!

A new poop bin has found its way to Manhattan avenue. It works if people use it. While we’ve seen less poop in bags around the block (literally the worst thing ever – POOP IN BAGS WON’T DEGRADE, PEOPLE!) there’s still somewhat of a poop problem in the area. We’re not sure how to report street poop bag droppers – ideas, anyone?


Following some comments about rodents, exterminators did enter the building at some point in the last few weeks, but we weren’t told about it until something was posted on the message boards the day before. There were also exterminators that came through last week, but we were told by those on the first floor that they didn’t hear about it because the signs were only posted in the elevator (the message board by the A block mailboxes was moved while the floor was being waxed). Did an exterminator visit you? Let us know in the comments.

As always, if you have a gripe, email us at and we’ll do our best collectively to try to resolve it. Or at least gripe about it until we feel better.



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