Elevator Issues

From our inbox:

The elevator has been broken like once a week. It does not work for few days, works for few hours, and breaks down again.

This time, it is broken from 7/16/2012 like 10am, and as of now, 7/17/2012 3:10pm, it is still broken.

I am not sure how to express this anger, frustration because we have kids and it is extremely difficult to carry strollers, we decided to move here, BECAUSE THERE IS ELEVATOR!!! I have back problem, and we have two kids, so we HAD no choice but to move to elevator building, and if it’s broken so often, how the hell they can increase the rent? For what?

Of course we emailed management, asking to compensate for the inconvenience. All tenants are paying premium for the gym, pool,. roof, doorman, and ELEVATOR. IF the features are compromised, don’t they have to compensate for the inconvenience?????

Does anyone know where to file a complain how poorly this matter (elevator maintenace) is handled??

Thanx a lot for having this place to let this anger go, hopefully So many of the residents agree with my opinion…


My experience in many buildings in NYC has been that elevators stop working, even in the luxury buildings (though you would expect luxury condos to ensure the elevators are fixed immediately). A conversation with one of the doormen did return a little bit of a criticism of the management for having a cheap elevator with sub-standard repairment to begin with, costing them more money in the long-run. Can someone provide some advice on this one?



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8 responses to “Elevator Issues

  1. Anonymous

    I’ve never been in an elevator building that has never gone down. The problem is that since each building only has 6 floors, there’s only need for 1 elevator where other taller builders have 2 so if 1 goes down, the other is still operating.

    From what I’ve heard, the old Landlord did not pay the Elevator Repairman promptly or at all so they didn’t want to provide services to this building anymore; one repair even came in on a Saturday and took a $10K part. I wouldn’t be surprised if the new Landlord is taking his time paying bills causing Repairman putting the Viridian at the bottom of the waiting list.

  2. D. Carlo

    Hi, This is unrelated to your elevator problem–I live directly across the street (125 green) and the exterior lights on your building (the square ones on ground level) are constantly on and glare into all of our windows. I have lived here for 10 years and enjoyed 6-7 of them without the Viridian blocking my view to the sky. Now, I at least want to be able to open my shades and not have fluorescent lights in my face. Can someone please ask your managers/ front desk person/ super to cut them during the day and not to turn them on until early evening? Are they even necessary? Thanks in advance for your help with this!

    • Anonymous

      D. Carlo – you can inquire about this at the lobby. If you stop by during the day and are insistent and patient, you may be able to meet the building manager, Simon, and ask him directly. I agree that the lights are not particularly necessary, but as testament to this site’s existence, the management here at the Viridian is not particularly helpful so I am not sure how much help a complaint will do, whether its from a resident or a neighbor.

  3. Anonymous

    I note that, prior to the elevator being out of commission for a week, we had to endure a weekend where the whole of Greenpoint and Williamsburg decided to ascend onto the building’s roof to par-TAY! Perhaps if half of Brooklyn (most of whom do not live here) were not crammed repeatedly into the elevator like clowns in a Volkswagen, it would not have been down for a week.

  4. Anonymous

    Elevator out again, no notice of when it will be repaired, nothing but a handwritten note.

  5. KW

    I moved in on Sept 1st and we had to carry all of our stuff up the stairs. While I enjoyed meeting some of you and your kind commiseration, it is really unacceptable for the elevator to be out for 2 weeks at a time when people are moving. I had read this blog and knew that management was going to be a pain in the ass, but the laundry list of issues with the apartment is really farcical. What’s the deal with no toilet paper holders and half of a shower door? Our apartment was supposed to be cleaned and instead we found old food in the fridge and paint on the ground. My bedroom door handle was completely broken. The list goes on and on. Has the Better Business Bureau been contacted about management? This blog is a start but has anyone discussed forming an official tenant’s association to combat this awfully run company? I’m all for action so let me know if there’s anything I can do.

  6. Anonymous

    In the past 2 weeks, I’ve seen the elevator repairmen (from Nouveau Elevator Repair and Economy Elevator) come to building at least 3 times so they are trying to fix the problem and I don’t it’s the management’s fault on this issue.

  7. Anonymous

    has anyone asked/demanded a break on rent due to the fact that the elevator, on the “a” side of greenpoint, was out for almost a month during august/september? i know people aren’t paying at all but has there been any deals cut yet?

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