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Viridian Gets Another Bashing on New York Shitty

Fittingly, New York Shitty recently showcased an..erm…shitty situation in the inside garden of our darling apartment building.

The image above was captured by a Viridian resident who has set up a Tumblr page to showcase all the issues in the building. The blog, entitled “VIRIDIAN : 110 GREEN ST. The truth behind the turd rolled in glitter: SHITTY MANAGEMENT” is much applauded – what better way to reflect on the absolutely terrible way this “luxury” building is being managed than with photographic evidence. We’ll be checking back regularly and highlighting some particularly good catches. We suggest you keep it bookmarked too.

In the meantime, the other reason that the image above is fantastic is because one of our neighbors saw it fit not to clean up after their dog’s episode. To some extend, we here at viridian gripes understand that shitty management begets shitty neighbors (in this case, literally). However WHO LETS THEIR DOG SHIT INSIDE AND DOESN’T CLEAN IT UP? If you’ve ever spoken to the maintenance crew in the building, you’ll find that they’re really lovely gentleman, and it pains me to see someone having such utter disregard for them (and the rest of us) to allow this to happen.

On a separate note, New York Shitty also reported on the shit-show that went down over 4th July on our roof. Here’s an excerpt about that for anyone who missed the memo.

It should be noted this person also informed me that following the fireworks/beer tossing incident on July 4th (which resulted in a police helicopter buzzing the area and generally scaring the bejezzus out of folks), the management of this building issued a memo informing tenants of the rules regarding use of the roof (as seen at the beginning of this post) and that surveillance cameras were installed so as to catch anyone using it without permission. These were promptly rendered non-functional.

Yes sir, it would appear the Viridian has some rather serious problems. Those of you wishing to have a staycation, have the odd $137.00 to burn and wish to see this shit show firsthand might be interested to know a resident of the Viridian is renting her penthouse apartment via airbnb. Otherwise I recommend checking out “G’s” documentation of the train wreck that is 110 Green Street”. It’s something else.*

*Not to suggest I am surprised that the “quality” of construction at this luxury building has become an issue.




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You asked for it: The Viridian Gripe Poll

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What’s that? A LAUNDRY ROOM?!

If you’ve walked past, or into, the garage this week, you’ll notice that a small area has been cleared and walls have gone up. I confirmed with Patricia at the front desk, and what’s being built is indeed a laundry room.


We’re fairly certain that apartments that have managed to get the high-end washer/dryers installed will retain them, and no doubt they’ll be relegated to the penthouses/apartments on the upper floors. For everyone else (your writers included), you will receive the luxury of being able to launder your own clothes to your own liking without having to deal with a sub-par machine, sending laundry out to get ruined, or running your clothes right there to the corner like everyone else*

No word yet on when the room will be completed and the units will finally be moved in. But we can be hopeful that within the next few weeks/months, The Viridian will actually be a luxury apartment building WITH LAUNDRY SERVICES AVAILABLE.

On the other hand, there’s the added fear that machines will break and management will blame misuse and abuse, similar to the way they treat the other amenities. What do you think? Have your say in the comments below.


*To our lovely friends and neighbors: this is completely tongue-in-cheek. We’re lucky to have a fantastic 24-hour laundry on the corner of our street. It doesn’t fail to make us laugh that we’re forced to use it, even though we were advertised an apartment containing a washer/dryer, moved in under that pretense, and found that we either had machines that didn’t work completely or our machines suddenly disappeared prior to moving in.



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