What’s that? A LAUNDRY ROOM?!

If you’ve walked past, or into, the garage this week, you’ll notice that a small area has been cleared and walls have gone up. I confirmed with Patricia at the front desk, and what’s being built is indeed a laundry room.


We’re fairly certain that apartments that have managed to get the high-end washer/dryers installed will retain them, and no doubt they’ll be relegated to the penthouses/apartments on the upper floors. For everyone else (your writers included), you will receive the luxury of being able to launder your own clothes to your own liking without having to deal with a sub-par machine, sending laundry out to get ruined, or running your clothes right there to the corner like everyone else*

No word yet on when the room will be completed and the units will finally be moved in. But we can be hopeful that within the next few weeks/months, The Viridian will actually be a luxury apartment building WITH LAUNDRY SERVICES AVAILABLE.

On the other hand, there’s the added fear that machines will break and management will blame misuse and abuse, similar to the way they treat the other amenities. What do you think? Have your say in the comments below.


*To our lovely friends and neighbors: this is completely tongue-in-cheek. We’re lucky to have a fantastic 24-hour laundry on the corner of our street. It doesn’t fail to make us laugh that we’re forced to use it, even though we were advertised an apartment containing a washer/dryer, moved in under that pretense, and found that we either had machines that didn’t work completely or our machines suddenly disappeared prior to moving in.




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7 responses to “What’s that? A LAUNDRY ROOM?!

  1. B

    This would be so wonderful if it is actually ever completed! Several weeks ago, I threw a load of laundry in to the crappy washer/dryer in my apartment and went out to run errands. I returned to discovered that it was leaking a massive amount of water everywhere!! I am not 100% sure but I believe that is what caused the leak in the ceiling of the lobby pictured here http://viridianbrooklyn.tumblr.com/image/28839878012.

  2. Emma

    so that laundry room? I just moved in…and am less than impressed.

  3. Anonymous

    Welcome to the Viridian…lots of smoke and mirrors….I bet Sam glossed over it and other problems during his apt. showing…..

  4. Anonymous J

    I’m looking to rent here- how bad is it, really? I actually only found this site after trying to find a working telephone number for the leasing office inquiring about a 1-br in the building. THREE phone numbers later, and they all either get disconnected or ring and ring off the hook. I initially found that odd in itself so started searching around to find a working #. Now, with all the gripes I’m seeing from residents I’m a bit turned off. I can take a certain amount of negligence but from the tenants’ perspective- is it THAT bad? Is it tolerable here?

    • Anonymous

      Definitely depends on what you consider tolerable. I have been here for a few years, and I find it tolerable. But you certainly can’t expect it to be an actual “luxury” building. All of the complaints I have seen here do have truth to them, although how frustrating you find the issues will depend on you and your expectations. I’m very curious at what they tell the current prospective renters when showing them the place. When I moved in alot of things, such as the alleged roof cabanas, were promised as future improvements that never happened.

  5. Anonymous

    If a repair (other than the elevator) requires money, expect long delays in getting it fixed or even addressed….

  6. Anonymous

    For past and present tenants who are experiencing or have experienced problems with the building, Management Office…etc, contact the Landlord, Jeffrey Kaplan/Meadow Partners, LLC. If enough people contact him and complain, maybe their will be changes. They hired a PR firm but the problems persist. Mr. Kaplan might not want bad publicity about his building’s problems, Management ineptness, electricity gouging, uncollectible security deposits…etc as it may deter possible tenants.

    55 E 59th Street # 1700
    New York, NY 10022
    Phone: (212) 317-5944

    If that doesn’t get you anywhere, contact one of the local news programs who have consumer advocacy reporters who will act on your behalf.

    CBS/Channel 2 News – Asa Aarons
    NBC/Channel 4 News – Roseanne Colletti
    Fox 5/Channel 5 News – Arnold Diaz
    ABC/Channel 7 News – Nina Pineda
    PIX 11/Channel 11 News – Howard Thompson

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