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The Great Elevator Debacle of 2012

Image courtesy of Viridian Brooklyn on Tumblr

Residents of the A building in the Viridian haven’t had access to an elevator for somewhere near the past 2 weeks. As a result, the lobby is packed with strollers, leftover moving boxes and whatever residents aren’t able/willing to bring up flights of stairs.

As of yesterday evening, the doorman’s desk looked like a very large store-room/kindergarten.

Though we’ve posted about the elevator issues before, it should be noted that this time around, it’s the other side of the building that’s elevator-impaired.

Comments from someone who recently took up residence in the building:

I moved in on Sept 1st and we had to carry all of our stuff up the stairs. While I enjoyed meeting some of you and your kind commiseration, it is really unacceptable for the elevator to be out for 2 weeks at a time when people are moving. I had read this blog and knew that management was going to be a pain in the ass, but the laundry list of issues with the apartment is really farcical. What’s the deal with no toilet paper holders and half of a shower door? Our apartment was supposed to be cleaned and instead we found old food in the fridge and paint on the ground. My bedroom door handle was completely broken. The list goes on and on. Has the Better Business Bureau been contacted about management? This blog is a start but has anyone discussed forming an official tenant’s association to combat this awfully run company? I’m all for action so let me know if there’s anything I can do.

The following reply was also given:

In the past 2 weeks, I’ve seen the elevator repairmen (from Nouveau Elevator Repair and Economy Elevator) come to building at least 3 times so they are trying to fix the problem and I don’t it’s the management’s fault on this issue.

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