We all enjoy living here, but there are issues that we face – that’s why we’ve decided to (anonymously) create a blog where users can post their issues with The Viridian, a condo apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We hope this becomes a place where visibility means accountability.

How this site works

You may email your gripes to us at viridiangripes@gmail.comREST ASSURED THAT WE WILL NOT PUBLICALLY PRINT YOUR NAME OR APARTMENT NUMBER. Instead, if your gripe is new, we will post it here with a comments thread allowing you to respond. Please do not use your real name when responding to comments – we would like gripes to remain as anonymous as possible.

If your gripe has already been established, we will point you to a previous thread or try to accommodate it.

We understand that there will situations with more than one gripe. In this case, we’ll most likely separate the gripe into parts to give it it’s due course of action.

The most important issue here is that we must show the management that they HAVE to begin to address the gripes, otherwise residents will leave in droves – and there will be nobody to take our place. We are highly paying customers and we must get what we deserve. We love living in an apartment building full of amenities, in an area that we love – we deserve to do so without gripes.

Please comment anonymously, and rest assured that we will never publish your name.


3 responses to “About

  1. rick

    Rename this website “spoiled brats’ dream-life-scenario ruined by real life”

  2. I live in this building and I can see how you may think that the people running this blog might be “spoiled brats” but I think you are completely missing the point.

    The problem with living at the Viridian is like buying a new expensive car and finding out once you get the car that they’re no seats or engine in it. And that the people who sold you the car won’t do anything for you.

    There are a lot of problems with this building and although there are a lot of good things about this building in comparison, this building is not cheap and we all pay the rent.

  3. Hi there,
    I’m looking at renting an apartment in your building, and feel appreciative to go in with my eyes wide open – if I actually do choose to rent there, that is! I have a question for you – has anything changed since the new management took over? I see there aren’t many new posts in the last 6 months… is it pretty much still the same with leaks everywhere and broken windows, door handles, etc.?
    Thanks for your help and for this informative forum.

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