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New Management’s PR Firm Responds

Recently, residents have taken up this opportunity to voice their issues with the building. Primarily, the slowness of new management to address the problems that have plagued this place since…well, its inception.

This past week, residents of 110 Green were given a notice advising them that the roof would be closed until further notice. As the weather starts to warm up and rooftop sunsets seem more appealing, this was met with some mixed reactions. Here’s an excerpt of the official response from the building’s management to a post from a resident about recurring leaks:

We empathize with your frustrations and know that leaks have been a problem since new ownership took over 110 Green Street. When we came to the building a few months ago, we immediately began researching the problems that needed to be addressed and have lined up a contractor to fix the issues we’ve inherited. Ownership also hired a designer to upgrade the common areas and amenity spaces, including the roof, which will be re-opening as a furnished terrace. All of this is an ongoing process that we aim to complete as quickly and thoroughly as possible; we very much appreciate everyone’s patience thus far and anticipate repairs and renovations to be finished by the end of June.”

Ugh. After the long winter we just had, making us wait a month into summer until we can use the roof seems pretty brutal. Thoughts?




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New Management!

Should we be rejoicing? Or is this a case of better the devil you know? Time will tell. If you’ve had any experience with the new management, or any insight to offer, comment here.

We received the following email today:


Dear Resident,

We have made a decision to sell our apartment building at 110 Green Street. Please note that this should have no effect on you.

As of yesterday the building has been sold, your lease and security deposit will be transferred to the new owner, and business will go on as usual.

All Future Rental Payments should go to the below:

110 Green Street Venture Owner LLC

150 East 42nd Street-Mezzanine

New York, New York 10017 



All Management inquiries or notices directed to the landlord should be sent below:


PO Box 189

Lawrence, New York 11519

Tel. (212) 260-0500


It was a please working with you!


N.B: “working” with us?


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