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Electric Bills

Something that’s been raised via e-mail and in the comments is how our electric bills are calculated. Those who were here last year might remember receiving a $10,000+ bill from ConEdison in the mail noting that if electricity wasn’t paid, it would be switched off. (alarm bells) This was curious as QLC is officially the utility supplier for the building, and as we all know, our charge is added on to our monthly rent. But this opens up the question about how exactly it’s being metered:

The lease specifically states that we are to get our own conEd account. Our submetered electric bill ranged from $80 to $270 throughout the year. We very rarely ran the AC in the summer and never ran the heat in the winter. As a comparison, our last apartment that had all electric appliances ran $30-$50/month. I complained to Simon and eventually got him to send a technician from QLC to inspect. They never came back with the results. We researched this a bit, and it’s actually illegal for them to submeter without telling us, and having to pay QLC’s service charge.

Thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

Update: another such bill from ConEd was distributed among residents a few days ago, noting that the landlord would be instructed to cut off electricity if it was not paid. This implies that the management company, 110 Green Street Apartments LLC, is in debt to ConEd. We did not follow up on the issue, but if anyone did, please feel free to let us know what you may have found out.



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